Rita M. Cimprich

Wildlife and Nature Artist

Rita's Retreat Sign

Inspired by the beautiful setting of her studio/home on Dickey Lake, and a lifetime of love for nature, Rita shares with you the results of her labour of love through Acrylic and Watercolour paintings. Rita has strived to capture the warmth of the sun’s glow, and to bring it’s reflections and shadows to play on her “naturescapes” drawing you into the scene and making it truly special. While Rita’s original images display intimate detail and realism, her hope is to leave viewers with a “magical” feeling by capturing and reflecting the beauty of the world around us on her canvas.

Rita's Cottage

Through her painting, Rita combines her passion for nature, and creative drive, to create intimate images of wildlife and the natural world. The focus of her paintings is on the interaction and harmony of sunlight, water and sky with the surrounding flora and fauna, with a particular love of the “twilight hours“. Painting primarily landscapes, the scenes provide the viewer with a brief moment of solitude and beauty that will now be treasured forever. Rita captures the emotion and irony of the many perfect moments in the world around us, which are often overlooked, and infinitely beautiful!

Rita operates a private gallery in her cottage/home; “Rita’s Retreat Cottage Gallery” is open by chance or by appointment and you are welcome to visit while in the area. As well she looks for selected shows and retail galleries to showcase her work. Check Retail/Links for current opportunities.

Feel free to contact me by phone or email with any questions or comments and if you would like to see my work in a favourite gallery near you please let me know!